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Shoot enemies down Shoot enemies down

and defend the Tower!

Alert! Objects on the radar!

Diverse hostile aircrafts approach your tower with a single goal: destroy it! It won’t be easy, but you will have to find the best approach to shoot them all down using the weapons and tactics of your choice! Maneuver the defenses you have to your advantage and discover new ones. Only you can make sure the tower’s defense saves the day!

Alert! Objects on the radar!
Enchance Your Technology

Enhance Your Technology

Discover and upgrade firepower to win battles. Each weapon type has unique properties that you can improve and become stronger to complete challenge after challenge. Set the sky on fire!

Upgrade the Tower

Discover and unlock special upgrade modules to improve your tower’s defensive and offensive capabilities. These new capabilities will become available as you fight onward and take enemies down. You are the last line of defense against the waves of treacherous enemies! Stand strong!

Upgrade the Tower
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